We want you as you are.

We want you as you are.

At Wunder, we focus on building an open, fun and free working environment, offering all Wunderers the tools and support to develop their skills and careers to the fullest.

Wunderers are encouraged to stay constantly curious, caring and cooperative, together building an open and trusted company culture. Our combination of diverse skills and opinions is what makes Wunder unique, helping us achieve our common goal together.

At Wunder, you can be yourself, grow, learn and develop your skills without compromising work-life balance.

Why join Wunder?

  • A flexible working environment with a good work-life balance
  • Multidisciplinary and diverse teams that help you develop your skills
  • A competitive salary, Hug bonuses, and perks
  • A company culture of trust and taking care of each other
  • The possibility to influence – people are important and their opinions matter
  • Great colleagues – take a glimpse of us on our People-page

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Wunder's uniqueness lies in a culture of trust and caring. You can be truly yourself, you have the freedom to work wherever, whenever, and you have a bunch of knowledgeable, caring people around you.

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Fatbikes & Wunderers

Mikko Laine and Toni Sinisalo fistbumping at the gala

Wunder Latvia's employe


Code in the dark

Wunderer /wundərə/ n. 1. A member of the Wunder team, unique in their own way. 2. Characterised by curiosity and foundational knowledge 3. Desires to build a world where digital belongs to everyone. 4. Excels in collaboration and co-creation (synonyms – kind, open and imaginative)

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