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Published: 9.9.2021
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There is no need to guess the employee benefits we have nor how Wunderers’ salaries are constructed. Let us reveal our cards – at least in the big picture. We have more than 50 pages of information about our perks, bonuses and salary model in our intranet, and here are the key points.

The Wunder salary model

Our salary model follows the same structure in all Wunder countries. We have created the Wunder salary model so that its logic would be as clear and transparent as possible to every Wunderer.

The base salary is the monthly salary listed in the job contract. It is determined by

  • Expertise level
  • The internal salary range for people in the same level
  • Benchmark data from local market salaries
  • Job contract type (temporary/permanent, role-specific/fixed)
  • External impact (customer work, projects, and delivery)
  • Internal impact (teamwork, educating others, and growth in the role)

At Wunder, we also have several salary bonuses in our company policy. These one-off payments include:

  • Role-specific recruitment bonuses, where the amount depends on the recruited role. These bonuses are paid in two patches; first when the candidate joins us and second when their trial period ends
  • Hug-bonus; paid irregularly according to the logic of the hug system
  • Anniversary bonuses according to the length of employment at Wunder (starting from three years at Wunder)
  • Other company-wide bonuses according to good company performance

There is also a great variety of other perks in addition to the salary model; the versatile set of fringe benefits. Next, let’s take a closer look at those.

Employee benefits

We do have some local differences in our employee benefits. Our intranet has more than 50 A4 pages of content about our employee benefits; thus, we will go through some of our company-wide benefits and then use Wunder Finland as an example of the local benefits for clarity. In addition, Latvia and Estonia naturally have their own local employee benefits.

Some of the benefits that are available for every Wunderer despite the location:

  • The possibility to choose when and where to work from
  • Two weeks of paid study leave per degree (for agreed applicable studies)
  • Additional accident insurance covering accidents also outside the office hours
  • Free vacation scheduling between the team
  • Variety of healthy and delicious (or occasionally just delicious) snacks & beverages at the offices
  • All needed licenses and software for the work
  • Birthday gift
  • Yearly epic internal conference gathering all Wunderers together: WunderCon (rotating live location when the pandemic approves)
  • Memorable local Xmas parties
  • WunderTime - a benefit that enables employees' self-organized activities outside working hours

We also do our best to enable every Wunderer to choose their preferred tools and operating systems to succeed most efficiently in their everyday work. For example, to enhance remote work ergonomics and well-being, every employee can select their desired keyboard, mouse, headset and web camera, in addition to the basic working tools (laptop, screen, etc.)Every Wunderer also has a separate budget for additional remote work accessories.

Wunder Finland’s local employee benefits

Due to also cultural but mainly legal differences, each Wunder country has a wide set of benefits modified to the local practicalities. For example, in Finland, the benefits include:

  • Lunch money (Edenred)
  • 400€ of recreational money yearly (Edenred)
  • 300€ of commuting benefit yearly (Edenred)
  • City bike season passes for Helsinki or Turku
  • Home internet connection (any operator)
  • Housing benefit (as part of the salary)
  • Upgraded healthcare from Mehiläinen
  • A dental examination from Mehiläinen (once a year)
  • 30€ budget per person for Wunder SportsClub activities per organised action (past activities include kayaking, bowling, scuba-diving, horseback-riding, shooting, etc.)
  • Snacks and beverages at the office
  • … and many more!

Every Wunderer can contribute to developing our fringe benefits, as everyone can suggest new ideas for Talent team.

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Want to learn more?

Transparency is in our DNA. And as the hefty amount of content in our intranet proves, we take transparency seriously. So, it’s safe to say that this section was just a glimpse of our perks. If you wish to learn more about our company culture or have any questions about our salary model or the benefits we offer, we would simply love to discuss more with you!

For country-specific questions, please turn to our Talent team members:

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