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Some of Our Customers

We've had the pleasure of working with some great companies

Looking across all of the main university websites in the UK, there are 14 which currently use Drupal as their content management system. Considering that there are around 130 universities in the UK, ~10% of them using the CMS is a pretty good adoption rate for the open source platform and based on discussions we’ve been having with universities, this figure will surely rise in the coming months.


Greetings everyone, I’m Heikki, the newest member of the Wunder family and Chairman of the board at Wunder. As you might already know, Wunder and Korona Invest Fund recently joined forces to help Wunder continue on their growth path. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the Wunder team, our clients, and beyond.


We’ve been in the process of finding the right partner to join us accelerate our growth for more than a year, and I’m happy and proud to say that the search is finally over. We have just accepted an investment offer from Korona Invest, a private equity management company that specialises in taking companies like Wunder to the next level – that is, ones with an experienced and committed management team and a sound business strategy. Together with Korona we aim to become three times our current size in 3-5 years.


Wunder, an international full-service digital agency operating in several European countries, will boost its growth with Korona.

Operating in Finland, UK, Germany, Estonia, and Latvia, Wunder is seeking strong growth opportunities. Today, a fund managed by Korona Invest, will become a major shareholder of Wunder. The company, which focuses on online business, agile methods and open source systems, aims to increase its turnover many times over.


Teamwork, knowledge sharing, innovation and openness are just some of the values we build our company's culture on. These are values that we as an active contributor share with the Drupal community, and encourage our employees in. We have several great initiatives like WunderCon (this is our yearly internal company wide conference) and WunderTalks (weekly online sessions hosted by any employee) that bring wunderers together, but this time I would like to share an initiative our Latvian offices came up with – Innovation Fridays.