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Some of Our Customers

We've had the pleasure of working with some great companies

Ah, sweet sixteen. I remember being already into open source at that age, in the early nineties. But it wasn't until I came across Drupal that I was carried away by the community. There are lot of different communities in the open source world, with different leading styles. Like the notorious, often controversial style of Linus Torvalds, or the tin foil induced paranoia of RMS. But there must be something special about Dries who has managed to attract such a welcoming community around his project.


Some five years ago we managed to hire an odd character into Wunder. We knew this creature from the past as he was an active member of the Drupal community and had even been working on projects together with some of our people. 

This being, Santeri by name, worked as a backend developer, an open source contributor and an unofficial house pet. We grew very fond of him. 


During the past year, we have been accelerating our transformation from a technical agency to a full service digital partner. We’ve hired analysts, user experience experts and designers to broaden our offering and to enable building services with great customer experience. We use design thinking to solve business problems and base our decisions on data and verified customer needs.

2016 was again a year of profitable growth and the last quarter was record-breaking on several key metrics. Simply put – the company is in a better shape today than ever.


We decided to organise pre-christmas parties in all of our offices at the same time this year. Below is a short retrospective of 2016, as presented for the whole staff.



It was sometime in fall between projects when I thought: ”Right, I have to go to a conference this year, alone or with company”. I hadn’t visited one for a while and felt like I was missing out. 

I usually look for event content that doesn’t seem to fit either development or design, i.e. just "web design". I also want the conference to last a couple days since I’m probably flying over. I was worried that it'd be too late for 2016.

Then I found Beyond Tellerrand.