Wunder’s Kalvis Kažoks – The first triple-certified Drupal 10 expert in Latvia and Nordics

Published: 4.3.2024
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In a remarkable effort for Wunder and the entire Baltic-Nordic region, our Senior Drupal Developer Kalvis Kažoks has achieved the prestigious Triple Certified Drupal Expert status on Drupal 10. This achievement places him in an elite group, being the second Triple Certified Drupal Expert within Wunder but the pioneer on Drupal 10, making significant strides in the global Drupal community and Wunder. Here we share Kalvis’ story and steps as a developer and reveal who inspired him to work hard to gain the certification.

Kalvis' journey with Drupal began in 2014 during his second year as an IT student when he commenced his career as a web developer. Dealing with custom-built PHP websites, the realization dawned that a shift to a more modern tool was essential. After evaluating options, Drupal emerged as the clear victor due to its open-source nature, scalability, and powerful features. Although not love at first sight, familiarity with Drupal grew, leading to the migration and rebuilding of around 20 sites. This marked the beginning of a lasting affinity with Drupal.

Engaging with the Drupal community and attending events such as Drupal Camp Baltics shaped Kalvis' learning experience and brought him to Wunder. Companies distinctive culture, people, work and contributions caught young developers' attention. Three years later, while seeking new challenges, the decision to join Wunder was made. Starting as a medior developer, the journey within Wunder has spanned almost five years now. From writing code to mentoring others, consulting clients, and pondering over system architecture, the role evolved into that of a senior Drupal developer and team lead. 

“There have been plenty of challenges along my journey at Wunder, but work-wise I prefer a bumpier road instead of a (monotonous) highway - it makes me adapt, learn and eventually grow. And that's what I like about Wunder - there is always a way to grow and people to support that.”

Kalvis Kažoks, Senior Drupal developer, Wunder

The desire to achieve Triple Certified Drupal Expert status had been in Kalvis' mind for a while. Inspiration struck when a colleague, mentor, and good friend Rasmus Werling accomplished the certification for Drupal 9 (Rasmus is Tripple Certified also on Drupal 7 and Drupal 8). Recognizing the need for self-validation, Kalvis embarked on the journey. To his mind, certifications not only validate expertise externally but, crucially, foster personal growth and add weight to mentoring responsibilities. It was not merely about impressing others; it was a personal pursuit of excellence and validation, an acknowledgment of mastery over Drupal.

“With this certificate in my pocket (and in my CV), I feel more confident with supporting others and when in need to make important development decisions. While preparing for the certifications, I also came to the well-known conclusion that “there is always something more to learn, even for a master”.”

Kalvis Kažoks, Senior Drupal developer, Wunder

In the broader context, the Triple Certified Drupal Expert designationopens in a new tab is a prestigious acknowledgment of advanced proficiency in Drupal, issued by Acquia Academyopens in a new tab. It can be earned by any Drupalist who has demonstrated advanced Drupal expertise by achieving certification in the Acquia Certified Developer, Acquia Certified Back End Specialist, and Acquia Certified Front End Specialist exams of the same Drupal version. With 760 Triple Certified Drupal Expertsopens in a new tab worldwide and only 63 - on Drupal 10, the achievement is rare. Kalvis Kažoks is not only the second Tripple Certified expert in the company but also the first in Latvia and within the Nordic region to achieve this distinction on Drupal 10. This tells a lot about Kalvis and also shows that at Wunder experts are encouraged to learn and to grow.

This achievement has not only contributed significantly to the Drupal community but has also raised the bar for expertise within the company and the Baltic-Nordic region. The journey from a web developer handling PHP sites to becoming a Triple Certified Drupal Expert on Drupal 10 exemplifies the dedication, passion, and growth that define the Drupal community and Wunder's commitment to excellence.

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