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As part of a vast digital practices development project, Finavia wanted to renew the website in 2017. The plan was to replace the old system with a more flexible one that would also enable the integration of their online shop as part of the website.

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As part of a comprehensive digital practices development initiative, Finavia successfully renewed its website,, in collaboration with Wunder, aiming to enhance online services and integrate the online shop into the platform. The project focused on improving real-time information availability and creating a user-friendly experience. The new website, built on Drupal 8 and ReactJS, received accolades, witnessed a 35% increase in unique visitors, achieved a 120% growth in sales, and a fivefold rise in registered users, reflecting the project's success and positive impact on Finavia's online presence.

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About this work

What is Finavia?

Finavia is a Finnish airport operator that enables smooth international flight connections through its national network of 21 airports. Finavia’s biggest airport Helsinki-Vantaa is an important air traffic hub in Europe and the leading long-distance traffic airport in Northern Europe.


When Finavia decided to refresh their digital channels, one of their key goals was to increase the use of Finavia’s online services. Keeping this in mind, the key development areas were the online shop and availability of services.


Splash Awards Europe 2018: 1st Place in eCommerce Category

Blue Arrow Awards 2019: Finalist in Viable Business Category

"Our revenue in digital channels has increased by 120%."

Carita Närvänen, Developer Manager, Finavia

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The challenge is a multilingual service which offers information about Finavia and Finland’s 21 airports. One of the priorities of the project was to improve the availability of real-time information on the site. Visitors come to the site looking for information on flight schedules, public transportation, security check waiting times and airport services.

Another core development area was the online shop. Finavia wanted the shop to be integrated into the new web service.

System Specialist Sanna Valkeinen explains: ”We wanted a service that is user-friendly for all our target groups, flexible as a content production tool, cost-efficient, and works with Finavia’s system architecture. It was very important to us that the site looks like us and raises our profile as an airport and a thought leader and an expert in aviation.”

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The solution

The Technical Architect of the project from Wunder, Juha Niemi, sheds light on the project goals:

”Aim was to improve the availability of real-time information and develop the online shop. We renewed the web service with a loosely coupled solution based on Drupal 8 and ReactJS. For the online shop we created a web app that uses the data and the layout configuration of the Drupal CMS.”

Wunder also integrated a custom eCommerce backend to enable all the desired shopping features, such as airport parking. The shopping is done with a Click & Collect eCom solution.

Thanks to the newly created integration between Drupal and payment provider, payments can now be done either via customer authentication, including the information registered in the pre-existing mobile app, or anonymously.

"The number of organic visitors has increased 10% per month and the growth has been constant."

Carita Närvänen, Developer Manager, Finavia

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The results

Finavia customers and employees alike have praised the new web service. The service was also awarded twice at the Splash Awards, which showcases the best Drupal projects of the year.

Digital Marketing Manager Olli Lehtonen from Finavia is happy with Finavia’s new look:

”The look and feel of the renewed web service is fresh and modern. It reflects us as a company better than before. From a marketing point of view, campaign planning and site building is easier, and we have more opportunities with advertising. Organic traffic has increased by 12 %.”

The set growth targets of the service have also been met. Finavia performed a comparison with last year and found that the number of unique visitors had grown by 35%. Also, the number of registered users quintupled. Sales have grown in many service areas, such as parking booking, which grew by almost 120% in euros.


More visitors


Sales growth


More registered users


More organic traffic

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