Self-Service Portals, E-learning (LMS), E-commerce

Self-service portals simplify customer interactions, resolve queries, manage accounts, and enable cost savings. Our tailored Self-Service Portal solutions can help you grow your customer satisfaction by increasing the number of services available to visitors and registered users. Our commitment to social sustainability and green tech thinking ensures a user-centric and environmentally conscious digital space.

E-learning is an essential part of organizations’ processes. Whether you need to onboard new employees, give additional training to your experts or sell training services to your company’s customers, providing digital training courses is often a cost-efficient alternative. We utilize Opigno and other state of art LMSs (learning management system) platforms. With this, you’ll experience all that E-learning platforms have to offer – combining teaching texts, audio material, learning videos, system simulations, essay answer tasks, multiple choice questions or other testing methods. Our entire E-learning platform is built around a 360-degree view of education in the digital environment and we collaborate with multiple Finnish educational institutions.

E-commerce websites face the same problem. How to offer content-rich digital environments combined with excellent E-commerce experiences? We solve this by helping E-commerce managers select the best E-commerce architecture for their needs. We can handle your needs, from headless and decoupled E-commerce platforms to composable and hybrid content management systems. To serve you even better, we collaborate closely with Qvik, A Finnish company specialized in E-commerce and online payment solutions.

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