Wunder & Qvik: Uniting Strengths for Digital Excellence

Published: 8.1.2024
Categories: Strategy, Technology
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Close collaboration with Qvik expands the diversity of digital services and creates new opportunities for clients of both companies.

We at Wunder are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Qvikopens-in-a-new-tab. This collaboration brings together the strengths of two companies with a high level of expertise from different and complementary fields of digital service development and extends both companies' reach to the Nordics, Baltics, and the UK.

Qvik, renowned for mobile solutions and online payments, complements Wunder's expertise in building robust web services.

"This partnership creates a powerful blend of expertise that promises innovative solutions for our clients," Lari Tuominen, CEO of Qvik, notes. Petri Lehmus, CEO of Wunder, emphasizes the collaborative spirit and opportunities: “Working together is a strategic cornerstone for Wunder. Our partnership with Qvik showcases how collaboration benefits clients by combining our strengths in web services with Qvik's expertise in mobile solutions and payments.”
Antti Heinilä, Chief of Sales and Marketing at Qvik, sees the collaboration as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships: "Wunder's commitment to collaboration enhances our capabilities, strengthening the holistic approach to digital solutions for our clients."

The partnership is anticipated to be fruitful, and the fundamentals are well in place. Both companies are about the same size and share similar cultures. This collaboration will offer new opportunities for clients of both companies - as well as entirely new clients for either of the companies.

At Wunder, we excel in designing and developing digital services, with a collaborative spirit and strengths in software development, service design, UX/UI, accessibility, and web analytics. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to collaboration, benefiting clients and end-users of digital services.

Together with Qvik we embark on an exciting journey, bringing forth innovative and comprehensive digital solutions for our clients. So our New Year's resolution is, from this day on, to deliver even more holistic solutions to your digital needs!

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