Building tomorrow’s digital with WordPress – Supersenior Miika joined Wunder

Published: 25.1.2024
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Wordpress developer Miika Arponen smiling at Wunder Helsinki Office

In the dynamic landscape of digital innovation, having a versatile toolkit is the key to unlocking unparalleled solutions. Wunder, known for its prowess in Drupal, has had a media sector client with WordPress site for a year already. Now it’s time to elevate the game by welcoming WordPress virtuoso Miika to Wunder. This strategic move amplifies Wunder's capabilities and positions us as a one-stop destination for clients with diverse digital needs.

Whether it's the robust structure of Drupal or the versatility of WordPress, Wunder's commitment to excellence and human-centric approach shines through. Clients can now leverage the strengths of both systems, allowing for a dynamic and tailored approach to their unique digital challenges. Let’s learn more about Miika Arponen and how he feels about these new opportunities for Wunder’s clients and his career.

Miika, what is your history with WordPress in a nutshell?
“I have been working with WordPress in many ways for almost 20 years – almost the entire time WordPress itself has existed. My first projects were obviously my own home pages, but I soon started building websites for clients. Fast-forward to this day, and I’ve worked pretty much my whole professional career around WordPress and developed numerous projects, plugins, and frameworks, " Miika says.

Miika considers his main achievement to be the remarkable expertise that he has gained during his developer career - yet one particular project has a special place in his heart:
“RediPress and ACF Codifier plugins which are published as open source and used by multiple WordPress agencies and developers worldwide. They really extend the capabilities of what WordPress can do efficiently.”

As Wunder has specialized in building robust and easy-to-use implementations even for intricate environments, welcoming another creative wizard who likes turning complex into simple benefits everyone. Also, Miika sees the potential in having both Drupal and WordPress in the digital toolbox:
“My favorite projects are the ones where I really get to push the boundaries of what WordPress is capable of, creating features that require ground-breaking technologies or robust infrastructure to support large numbers of users.”

The underlying complexity and high demands for digital services is definitely THE thing for Miika, as he pinpoints the following about the trending topics around WordPress today:
“Headless WordPress has been a thing for a while already but it has been gaining more and more traction lately with the WordPress’ REST API and GraphQL functionalities improving. It allows us to decouple the front-end from the back-end for more flexibility”, Miika says

Another thing Miika looks forward to is utilizing Wunder’s hosting environment, Silta, also for WordPress clients since Drupal and WordPress have quite a lot in common.

As a final question: What attracted Miika, THE WordPress virtuoso, to join Wunder, who is best known for Drupal?
“The opportunity to build a superb WordPress team nearly “from scratch” - or on the foundations of Wunder's great Drupal knowledge and experience. But first and foremost, the company culture, which was advertised to me as fun and non-bureaucratic and has so far been true”, our Wonderful WordPresser states

Sounds interesting?

If you have WordPress needs and have dreamt about getting digital development from Wunder, now your dreams have come true. Contact our expert Anu or fill in the form below and let us contact you. 

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