Trimble – From vision to action plan

Trimble was aiming to improve their customer journey and create a target ecosystem for its services. Wunder’s service designers, business consultants, and technical architects worked out a plan of action to reach the goal.

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Wunder collaborated with Trimble Solutions Corporation to enhance their online presence and customer experience. Working closely with Trimble's internal experts, a unified high-level action plan and roadmap were developed, outlining priorities and schedules for the next five years. proofed implementation. The result is a visualized target service ecosystem, a detailed service description, and a clear roadmap, providing Trimble with a strategic guide toward its vision.

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About this work

What is Trimble?

Trimble Solutions Corporation is a software company producing Tekla software. Their numerous products support construction projects worldwide – from housing and bridges to factories and skyscrapers.


With a new vision in mind, Trimble aimed to improve their customer journey and create a target ecosystem for its services. They needed a well-structured plan on how to reach the desired state.

"Wunder showed a good understanding of Trimble's needs. The proposal matched our expectations and provided clear steps on how to reach what we were aiming for."

Jaana Hannila, Service Business Developer, Tekla online services, Trimble Solutions Corporation

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The challenge

Over the years, Trimble has created a remarkable amount of websites and domains to address its clients' needs and support their success. For the end-users that broadens the opportunities, but on the other hand – might be confusing.

To address the situation, Trimble formulated a new vision for their online presence by 2025. When the main elements were in place, it was clear that a fluent, intuitive and more efficient user journey would improve the situation. The big question was – how to provide it?

The solution

Wunder's previous experience with Trimble web service development helped a lot, but the close and smooth collaboration with the client's internal experts was equally important. Jaana Hannila, the Service Business Developer at Trimble even states: “It almost felt like we are having a new team member around us who knows what steps we need to take to reach the desired result.”

The service designers started the project by mapping the client's current service ecosystem to inquire the purpose, functionality, and end-user expectations of each of them. The web traffic analysis showed the most common keywords used for the search. By comparing the findings, it was possible to spot the connections and identify the challenges and opportunities. With these significant findings in mind, we designed the target service ecosystem model and created a mobile prototype to test the suggested usability improvements and simulate the proposed decoupled architecture approach from the user perspective. User tests validated the new-built concept.

But how do we turn this great vision into reality? Our business consultant evaluated the pre-defined targets during workshops and questionnaires and set specific priorities for each of the next five years. Technical architects considered the complexity and suggested the best technical solution for implementing the service ecosystem module. All the findings and suggestions resulted in a unified high-level action plan – a roadmap for change.

"The end-user opinion was eye-opening for us. We had our own opinion on how things should be, but the user research made a strong impact on the result and matters that should be improved."

Jaana Hannila, Service Business Developer, Tekla online services, Trimble Solutions Corporation

The results

Wunder is usually known as a partner for digital solution development. This project allowed us to apply our expertise and support the client at a way earlier stage of the project. Therefore, the result feels even more critical because it will accompany and guide the client towards its vision for the next few years.

The map of the target service ecosystem visualises the client’s target and makes the vision more tangible. At the same time, the detailed service description and the optimal user journey raise the understanding of end-user needs and expectations.

The visual roadmap describing the required changes' priority and schedule give clear step-by-step guidance on how the client can reach the target and achieve the goals for each of the development periods. In addition, a technical architecture proposal ensures a stable, robust, and future-proofed implementation of the new service ecosystem.

"This was a unique experience. Trimble is an expert on its products, but we as a 3rd party operator could get closer to the end-user. The lack of legacy gave us a clearer view, allowed more open conversations, and helped to maintain objectivity."

Service designer, Wunder

Now, that the targets are set, and the plan is clear, we are happy to continue our work with Trimble on the next level – proof of concept and implementation phase. The pre-designed framework helps every step of the way whether it is a UX/UI prototyping for particular services or further planning of the technical architecture.

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