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The Fortum and Wunder teams were seamlessly welded together right from the start, tackling the stretched backlog. The sights are now set on the future where an effective partnership is at the focus.

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Fortum sought an agile, diversified partner capable of continuous readiness and efficient development of digital services. Challenges included backlog reduction, diverse business units, country-specific integrations, and adherence to the Accessibility Directive. Wunder conducted a Drupal audit, securing the technical partnership to enhance Fortum's web services. The partnership resulted in cost-effective, high-quality development, successful backlog clearance, and the transfer of 14 sites to Wunder's own Silta hosting. Security and accessibility were enhanced, setting the stage for future projects. The collaboration has continued to developing a campaign site platform, showcasing Wunder's talent in various web development fields, ensuring smooth and agile development today and tomorrow.

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About the project

What is Fortum?

Fortumopens in a new tab is a global energy company with core operations in ten countries. It is among the top ten biggest companies in Finland and serves 2.5 million consumer clients worldwide in the field of electricity, among others.


Fortum was looking for an agile, diversified partner who could offer continuous readiness. The partner had to be able to quickly respond to the targets for development and changing needs of its digital services. The aim was to find a technical development partner to implement digital service projects but also drive the continuous development of the services. The core values of Fortum include environmental responsibility and sustainability, so the substantial reduction in the carbon footprint of the sites, made possible by their development, was an extremely welcome improvement.

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The challenge

Fortum needed a plan for its Drupal 8-based multisite setup to make the web services accessible, faster, and easier to host within a convenient schedule. An additional twist to the project came from ensuring adequate development capacity. Fortum has several business units in multiple market areas, each with its own unique needs with various features and country-specific integrations. Over time, the targets for development in the different business units have caused a long backlog. The new web service partner would have to be able to effectively reduce this backlog and prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future.

Fortum also needed a hosting service that would better meet its needs and be more cost-effective. Due to the high data security requirements of the energy industry, it was challenging to find a hosting partner that would meet all these requirements.

A further consideration in terms of the development requirements is the Accessibility Directive, which also applies to energy suppliers. A thorough report about the state of Fortum’s web services accessibility had to be prepared, including proposals for improvement and implementations.

The solution

In order to examine the web services’ current state and identify their strengths and targets for development, Fortum ordered a Drupal audit on its sites from two providers (one of which was Wunder). Following the audit by Wunder’s technical architect, Fortum chose Wunder to continue the implementation as the technical partner of its web services.

It was important for Fortum to find a service provider whose team its own developer could merge into. Wunder offered Fortum a collaboration model that comes with a dedicated team to deal with both the project implementations and continuous development.

"The partnership has now continued for over a year, and all in all, we’ve been extremely pleased with how things have gone. The development and the hosting service have been more cost-effective than before and also higher-quality. Any problems have been quickly addressed, and collaboration and processes are constantly made more fluent."

Sami Näyhö, Digital Communications Manager, Fortum

A key component in improving the multisite setup was the adoption of Wunder’s own hosting infrastructure, Silta. Silta was the right answer to all the strict data security requirements and lightened the hosting load significantly – not to mention being much most cost-effective than the previous hosting service. Silta also enabled to reduce the carbon footprint of the web services, and by optimizing the websites, the carbon dioxide emissions were reduced even more.

Although we at Wunder appointed a dedicated team to develop Fortum’s web services, the work is backed up by our entire pool of experts whose special expertise can always be harnessed to support the team when needed. Thanks to our more than 100 Wunderers, we can find the perfect person for every job, and the backlog will not become overwhelming at any point.

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The results

The partnership of Fortum and Wunder is an excellent example of what can be achieved when you combine great teamwork and the expertise of some of the top experts in their field. While the overflowing backlog was successfully picked up in record time thanks to seamless collaboration, Fortum’s 14 sites were transferred under Wunder’s hosting and continuous development services. With the help of the information and targets for development identified during the security audit, the security of the sites has been further improved. Also, the results of the accessibility audit are driving development towards a more accessible overall solution.

Following the brilliant, productive start, the gaze has now been turned towards upcoming projects.

The collaboration, which has lasted for about a year, has been extended to developing a campaign site platform, separated from the main site. In addition to setting up marketing websites, the same platform is also convenient to use as a prototype for the front-end improvements of the main site, and the idea is to later move content management tools from the platform to the main site.

"Wunder has talent in all the various fields of web development, and the team can be scaled according to need even on short notice, which is essential for smooth, agile development."

Sami Näyhö, Digital Communications Manager, Fortum

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