Managed Hosting for Your Cloud Services

Our fully managed Silta hosting platform is a secure, state-of-the-art platform for developing and running modern web applications. It offers all the features of a premium hosting service and even more – straight out of the box. 

High availability and scalability ensure that the applications running on Silta are up 24/7 and answer to the demands of even the largest traffic spikes. With intelligent scaling of resources, we can ensure a cost-efficient and eco-friendly hosting service. All of our data centers are located in Finland, are fully GDPR-compliant, and run on 100% renewable energy. Silta meets the strictest security requirements and protects your applications, data, and users from any cyber threats. We keep your data safe in a robust and eco-friendly way.

Our fully managed Silta hosting service also includes all the necessary services to monitor, log, and analyze the performance of your applications.

The Silta platform is built with developers in mind:

  • It enables rapid development cycles and near-zero downtime deployments. 
  • Silta includes separate testing and staging environments for quality assurance: individual environments are available for every single feature in development. 
  • Our DevOps processes remove any obstacles between the developers and the environments. The automated continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD) process streamlines getting changes through the pipeline. 
  • Automated testing tools and static analysis ensure that the end results are more secure, maintainable, and bug-free
  • We utilize Kubernetes on our hosting services to manage and scale containerized applications, abstracting away the complexities of the underlying infrastructure and providing a consistent environment for deployment. 

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