Decoupled and Headless Architecture

With a heritage in Decoupled and Headless, we specialize in designing and building comprehensive solutions for diverse digital environments and all devices. We create systems that intelligently detach the frontend and backend, offering unparalleled flexibility. As proactive digital strategists, we find the solution that’s right for you. We’re proud to elevate both content creators and end users.

Our modular design is easily customizable, ensuring your digital landscape evolves effortlessly. With an API-centric approach, communication between components is seamless and predictive. We utilize microservices for scalability, implement content as a service for versatile content management, and embrace technology agnosticism for a future-proof foundation.

Rapid development and deployment cycles become second nature with our DevOps practices and continuous integration. Front-end flexibility and cross-platform compatibility are the cornerstones of our approach to IT architecture. Something that could benefit your organization as well!

Our latest innovation utilizing decoupled:

Next-drupal-starterkit - A one-command setup for efficient decoupled site projects.

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