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Wunder and Nelonen Media transformed a popular online streaming service, Ruutu, into one of the easiest-to-use, functional and engaging platforms which anyone can enjoy on their devices, seamlessly.

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Wunder collaborated with Nelonen Media to transform, Finland's prominent streaming service, into a highly accessible, functional, and engaging platform. The objective was to enhance user experience and respond swiftly to market demands. The renewal involved modernizing the technology stack, implementing a React-based single-page application, and adopting AWS services with a serverless approach. The revamped online store streamlined the purchase process, introduced bundle sales, and improved tracking and analytics. The results included positive feedback on usability, reliability, and international recognition. The collaborative effort between Wunder and Nelonen Media was integral to the project's success. logo

About this work

What is Ruutu?

Ruutu is a well-known Finnish online streaming service owned by Nelonen Media and it offers entertainment and sports to viewers anywhere, anytime.


Wunder and Nelonen Media have been developing together since 2012. Already at that time, our intention was to make Ruutu the most accessible, functional and interesting streaming service in Finland. Since then, Ruutu has been constantly evolving towards a better user experience. In 2018, it was once again time for a big renewal.

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"Wunder’s expertise, their way of working, and their skilled experts formed a fruitful ground on which we were able to work together, growing Ruutu towards its full potential. Wunder was also experienced in working in a multivendor environment, which made our choice even more clear."

Antti Pyysalo, Director of Digital Development, Sanoma Technology

The challenge

As competition intensified and new players entered the market, Ruutu had to respond to the ever-changing market situation by being better, faster and more adaptable.

The overarching goal of the renewal was to respond faster to the demands of the business in response to ongoing changes. The service should be scalable, reliable and fast. Buying and order management should be easy, and backend systems should also be designed with native applications in mind.

The answer to this challenge was to look at modernizing the technology stack and splitting the application into smaller services with their own responsibilities. Technological change played a key role in the renewal, as the user experience had to be constantly evolving.

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The solution

An agile interface, performance and reliability are very important requirements for a service like Ruutu. The new service is a React-based single page application that provides a familiar application-like experience.

Background systems have made extensive use of AWS services and a modern server-less approach, for example in the form of Lambda functions. Both the release pipeline and the scaling of systems are largely automated, enabling faster response to business requirements.

The service is responsive and React behaves like a native application in a mobile browser.

The Ruutu online store also underwent a revamp – a smooth and reliable user experience was the most important starting point. The intention was to make the purchase an integral part of the service without directing the user to a separate purchase tube.

A new kind of bundle sales was introduced into the online store, where in the future various additional services can be easily added for the customers to purchase.

"Working in a multivendor environment has gone smoothly and cooperation with different parties has been seamless. This project has also increased our understanding of the industry’s best practices and made us more aware of the kind of project partners we want to have when we develop our services."

Antti Pyysalo, Director of Digital Development, Sanoma Technology

The results

The renewed has received praise from near and far. Viewers have, for example, been pleased with the usability and reliability of the service. Ruutu has done well in international comparisons as well. A lot of work was put into optimising the page weights and planning the hosting to match the large amount of traffic.

With the new online store, it is possible to place an order through the site without any intermediate steps and the purchase of additional services is just one click away. Tracking and analyzing purchases is easier than ever and allows the development of the service based on more accurate information.

Using and navigating the service is much faster and more application-oriented. Modern architecture and selected state-of-the-art technologies allow scalability to future solutions, the site can be easily maintained and is upgradable.

According to Pyysalo, Nelonen has had a strong lead and ownership of the project, but it’s the seamless cooperation with Wunder that has truly made the project a success:

”We have worked together as a team, solved challenges together and marched towards a common goal with a team of skilled experts from both companies.

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