Nelonen Media Partnership – Effective collaboration and impressive integrations

Nelonen Media and Wunder are long-standing partners and a great example of how two companies can work together as one team. Both companies value low-hierarchical working methods, so the operating cultures meet in an exemplary way, which is reflected in many of the online services created together.

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Nelonen Media and Wunder have formed a long-standing partnership characterized by effective collaboration and shared values, focusing on agile development and continuous improvement of online services based on real-time analytics. Since 2011, Wunder and Nelonen Media have worked together on various projects, including the redesign of channel sites, integration of services like,,, and, reflecting their commitment to enhancing online content services. The collaboration has been marked by a strong partnership, trust, and a proactive, agile approach, contributing to the success of services such as Ruutu, which ranks well in international comparisons. The results showcase consumer satisfaction, top-notch reliability, and achievement of goals in viewing and subscription volumes.

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"The cooperation is very effective: we get good experts from Wunder who want to be committed to the development of the service and to be actively involved in moving the service forward. I personally appreciate it very much in operating models."

Tero Vedenoja, Head of Online Development, Nelonen Media

About this partnership

What is Nelonen Media?

Nelonen Media is a Finnish commercial broadcasting company owned by Sanoma Media Finland, which is a part of Sanoma group.


The goal is to provide online services for Nelonen Media through agile development and to continuously develop them based on real-time analytical data.

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The challenge

Wunder has been cooperating with Nelonen Media since 2011. The partnership began with the audit of streaming service Ruutu, which led to concrete design and production projects through consulting work.

As a shared challenge, Wunder and Nelonen Media have a passion for developing the best online content services in Finland, from individual channel sites to the most technologically demanding Ruutu. Wunder develops services closely with Nelonen Media in a multi-vendor environment, which brings the challenge of working with a touch of its own – for example, comprehensive enterprise architecture solutions that are designed in collaboration with the customer's own teams.

The solution

The cooperation has worked well since the very beginning of the partnership, and already in 2012, Wunder appointed a permanent team to manage the projects with the fixed team of Nelonen Media. Working in a multi-vendor environment means working in close collaboration between teams committed to projects to help achieve goals.

Over the years, Wunder has designed and renewed channel sites (Nelonen, Liv, Jim, Hero) several times, and has eventually merged these with Nelonen.fiopens in a new tab as part of Nelonen Media's major site redesign.

Of the latest Nelonen Media services, Wunder has together with Nelonen and other partners created websites, Ruutu.fiopens in a new tab, radio-based podcast service Supla.fiopens in a new tab, and BigBrother.fiopens in a new tab.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the importance of strong partnership and trust has been of great importance in the continuous development of all these services. Head of Accounts Päivi Pajunen of Wunder states:

“We work in an agile way improving the service proactively with the help of analytics. I’m excited to see what our cooperation with Nelonen Media will generate in the future.”

"Wunder's role has been very collaborative and they can also suggest how to move services forward."

Tero Vedenoja, Head of Online Development, Nelonen Media

The results

Consumers have been satisfied with the services, their reliability is top notch and Ruutu, for example, is doing well in international comparison.

Wunder and Nelonen Media have teamed up to make Ruutu the best streaming service in Finland, and have succeeded in doing so: viewing and subscription volumes have developed according to goals.

The site of Nelonen channel ( also fulfills its goals and users' needs well.

Antti Pyysalo, Head of Digital Development at Sanoma Technology, describes:

“We have worked well in a multi-vendor environment and cooperation with different parties has been seamless. This project has also increased our understanding of best practices in the industry and the types of project partners we want to use to help develop our services.”

Wunder is in good company with Nelonen Media.

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