Cloud Consulting

With our vast experience in cloud hosting, we are happy to help you improve your own hosting infrastructure. We’ll help you choose the right services and optimize the use of resources to achieve better efficiency without sacrificing performance or security. Our FinOps practices ensure that you are using your cloud services cost-efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. 

Our Silta platform brings all the advantages of Silta to your self-hosted or third-party hosted cloud environment or to an on-premise hosting environment. Silta supports all major public cloud providers (AWS, Azure and GCP) as well as any self-hosted or virtual server environments.

Find out more about Green Tech Thinking:

Up to 90% greener digital? – this is how you do it!

Meet Silta - Magnificent Hosting Solution: 

Future-proof hosting infra? Meet our magnificent Silta!

Big Brother - big simultaneous user peaks: – over 74 million page views, easily! – Accessible and robust streaming service

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