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Published: 28.9.2022
Categories: Technology
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It’s that time of the year again. The fans of Big Brother in Finland are enjoying the experience of following the world's biggest reality show, Big Brother. The show is broadcasted at Nelonen and available also in Ruutu - and one of the extra layers of content lives at, with Wunder remaining the digital developer partner of this site.

When Nelonen and Ruutu started broadcasting Big Brother 2019 Wunder created the site in close collaboration with the Nelonen team. The same site, bigbrother.fiopens-in-a-new-tab with all the features is still up and running and already has over 74 million site visits – peaking at 100 000 views per hour! These peaks in visits usually happen simultaneously when something big happens in the show itself.

The site has been built to be mobile-friendly and to provide one more layer of content to the Big Brother experience. Content creators benefit greatly from Flockler -tool which automatically imports social media feeds to the site - making it easy for Big Brother fans to find all the BB-related content from one place.

The site is built to utilize static page generation – it is quick and reliable even if there are massive traffic peaks and updating of the content happening at the same time.
Another remarkable benefit of having a decoupled solution is having the site and CMS live in separate cycles. BB site is a decoupled site running on Gatsby for frontend and Drupal for backend.

If you wish to know more about the long and fruitful collaboration of Nelonen Media and Wunder, please visit this site.

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