Search Solutions and Content Management Systems

Search Solutions ensure your audience easily finds your content. To help your audience discover your content, we utilize our vast experience working with powerful Search Solutions such as ElasticSearch. ElasticSearch serves as an information hub for your digital service, providing lightning-fast content when and where it’s needed. Alongside traditional Search Solutions, we also use ElasticSearch to create cutting-edge Search Solutions that utilize semantics and artificial intelligence.

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AI + Content Event recording

CMS (content management systems) solutions, crafted in collaboration with our clients, simplify content creation, publishing, and maintenance. Tailored CMS makes content editing a smooth experience for editorial staff,  helping your organization achieve its communication goals. We have vast experience in open-source solutions such as Drupal, WordPress, and Firebase CMS. While open-source products provide full flexibility and self-hosted solutions, our content management expertise translates to SaaS solutions like Contentful. Our specialité are organizations that have remarkable amounts of data and bigger groups of content creators, such as cities, municipalities, and the educational sector.

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