WunderFitness initiative brought us a Balance award from the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia

Published: 7.3.2021
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The Employers' Confederation of Latvia awarded the four most successful initiatives on work-life balance, and WunderFitness was among the winners.

At the time when one’s home is also one’s office, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is more challenging thus more crucial than ever before. Considering the situation, the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia invited companies to share their innovative ideas and best practices on supporting their employee’s wellbeing. The four most successful initiatives received the “Ballance award”, and WunderFitness was among the winners.

"Balance is not something you find; it is something you create."

Jana Kingsford, The Big Dream Coach

We at Wunder strongly believe that a supportive company culture (and a healthy work-life balance being a significant part of it) isn’t something one can build overnight. It takes a long and continuous work of the whole team to create and maintain it.

WunderFitness initiative in Latvia started back in 2016 as a support for the employees taking part in sports competitions. A couple of years later the company learnt that such support serves only a few and decided to broaden the set of supported activities by including such activities as fitness training, swimming pool subscriptions, etc. Around the same time, the WunderFitness Challenge came into the game – Wunderers created an Endomondo challenge to keep up the spirit of competition. On top of that, the company promised to donate 0.02 EUR per kilometre to a charitable aim. And thus slowly the initiative has developed and now even brought us a significant award.

Read more about WunderFitness results and donation in 2021.

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