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Published: 1.2.2021
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Wunderers hiking in a forest

For the third year in a row, our Wunderers in Latvia counted every kilometre they spent on walking, running, cycling or other activities to turn them into a donation.

The year 2020 differed in many ways, but none of them gave Wunderers a reason to sink into their sofas. Just the opposite – it gave us a chance for more creative solutions on how to stay active during the pandemic. For the third year in a row, our colleagues in Latvia take part in a WunderFitness challenge. All year long they count every kilometre spent on walking, running, cycling, or other activities, and later on, turn them into a donation.

Wunderers admit – such challenges are positively addictive. While one is motivated by the cause, others catch their adrenaline in "beating" the colleagues. There were four challenges to take part – walking, running, cycling and the combined.

A healthy initiative that gained unexpected popularity over the past year was the collective hikes. It gave a chance to spend some quality time together with colleagues while staying safe and active at the same time. Four 23 to even 40 km long hikes took place all around the year and taking into account this new WunderPassion, we included hikes in our WunderFitness challenge 2021!

WunderFitness challenge 2020 in numbers






spent on being active

And if we wish to put 2020 in numbers, then 28 Wunderers in Latvia took an active part in the challenge. Altogether they were engaged for 151 days in a row, burned two million calories, and beat 21048 km, which is 811 km more than in 2019. Each kilometre equals 0.02 EUR, which makes 420.96 EUR in total. This money was donated to a charity foundation Ziedot.lvopens in a new tab and will help provide practical and emotional help for moms who take care of their severely ill children.

We at Wunder are confident that the best way to stay happy and healthy is to keep moving. We truly wish everyone in 2021 to find their favourite activity!

P.S. In 2018 we gathered 16935 km and donated 338.70 EUR to movement PLECSopens in a new tab that works to give a family to every child in Latvia. And in 2019 we gathered 20237 km and donated 404.74 EUR charity foundation BE OPENopens in a new tab to support rehabilitation for Roberts Jurkaopens in a new tab.

If you dream about becoming a Wunderer, please see our open positions, and perhaps sooner than later, you will be sporting with us!

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