Wunder is a part of Mimmit koodaa program in Finland

Published: 13.12.2018
Categories: Culture
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Mimmit Koodaa group

There’s a considerable lack of developers in the software industry. Could women in the industry be encouraged to solve this problem? It all started with a Facebook group “LevelUp Developers” (Ompeluseura LevelUP Koodarit) created by Vlada Laukkonen. The Facebook group has almost 2,000 women interested in the software industry from beginners to experts.

The program aims to encourage women interested in the software industry to learn to code and to get employed in the software industry. Finnish Software Entrepreneurs together with its partner companies offer training for women, and Wunder is one of the 13 companies providing pro bono training.

Wunder was one of the first ones who joined the program in spring 2018. We aim at bringing business and work closer to students, newly graduated and people who are changing professions altogether. We have offered already four Drupal in a day training during the Mimmit Koodaa program so far.

To our great pleasure, we met two eager women in tech last spring at the launch event in Helsinki. They started their Wunder journey with our internal training program last spring, and today they are full-time developers at Wunder.

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