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Published: 27.4.2018
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Drupal training

At Wunder, we recognize the industry's demand for experienced developers. However, we prioritize fostering a collaborative environment where juniors can thrive and learn alongside seasoned professionals. Join us for an inspiring journey of continuous learning and growth.

There is a huge need for developers. Society does its best in order to keep up with this need, but training new talents is slow and time-consuming and by the time the students graduate, their knowledge is (partly at least) outdated. At the same time companies are actively looking for developers with years and years of experience and relevant skills from actual customer projects. Everyone expects someone else to do the training so companies could just pick from “ready” experts.

At Wunder, we do share the need: there’s more work than we can do. We do want to hire seniors also in the future, but we have a different mindset as well.

Wunder does high-profile and business-critical digital services and we have more than 130 people with different backgrounds, expertise and skills. We work in teams, aim for the same goal, share the same values, help each other out and enjoy learning new things every single day. What environment would be better for inspired, eager and highly motivated juniors?

Women who code

The right person, right attitude, enthusiasm and the ability to learn new things are key in our recruitment – no matter the skill level. The whole IT industry itself is constantly changing and no senior stays senior without active learning and keeping up with what is new.

It is somewhat bizarre that even though everyone shares the need for more developers, companies are unwilling to start acting on their own. Some companies are using different subsidy programs (paid by the government or some other fund) in order to cover at least some of the costs of internal training programs – and this is great. However, there is still a need for more voluntary actions for the common goal of having developers with the right skill set for businesses.

Wunder aims at bringing business and work closer to students, newly graduated and people who are changing professions altogether. We do active cooperation with educational institutions, organize student visits, trainings, introduce the IT industry and different possible professions so that for example the role of a developer wouldn’t be so scary. We also have interns, trainees and we do hire juniors.

We are proudly involved in the “Ladies who code -project (#mimmitkoodaa), where different companies provide free trainings for a huge number of ladies interested in coding. Wunder organizes two Drupal training for these ladies. We had our first training day in Turku on Saturday, April 14th and the next training day is in Helsinki on Saturday, April 28th. There are more than 100 people waiting in line for our training days, so there really is plenty of interest!

It has been really awesome to notice how extremely enthusiastic and motivated these ladies are! To our great pleasure, we have already hired the first new eager coding ladies, who started their Wunder Journey with our internal training program last week.

Welcome to Wunder also other motivated, enthusiastic and fast-learning future superstars!

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