Get an extra seat to Powering Next.js with Drupal workshop!

Published: 26.8.2021
Categories: Technology
Reading time: 1 min
React Finland conference website, overlaid with a yellow 'SOLD OUT' tape spanning across it.

Wunder’s senior developers Mario Vercellotti and David Corbacho host the only free-of-charge workshop at the React Finland online conference. The workshop got sold out in no time, but not to worry! We have an extra seat for everyone.

Drupal and React go together like peas and carrots – that is something our front-end masters Mario and David know well. With their years of experience, they are sharing knowledge in a free workshop at React Finland. The only bummer is that there can only be limited seats for the workshop, which quickly got booked.

But, one shall not worry! The first part of the workshop introduces the subject and includes plenty of hands-on knowledge about why Drupal and Next.js make the perfect duo for building fully decoupled solutions. And that part of the workshop will be available for everyone, anytime, as it will be recorded! So, all you need is to order the recording below, and we will send you the recording right away.

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