Wunder hosts a free workshop at React Finland on August 31st

Published: 4.8.2021
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React Finland website Workshops page with details about the Powering Next.js with Drupal workshop.

Thank you, Summer – welcome to Fall and all the upcoming online events! Join our senior developers David Corbacho and Mario Vercellotti on the 31st of August to discover why and how Next.JS and Drupal make such a perfect couple for building fully decoupled websites.

We are proud to announce that Wunder is again sponsoring React Finlandopens in a new tab online conference on 30.8.-3.9. On Tuesday the 31st of August, everyone despite their location has a chance to attend an online workshop Powering Next.js with Drupal, hosted by our frontend wizards David and Mario at 13-16 (EEST).

The workshop covers why and how to create fully decoupled solutions with Drupal and Next.js. Next.js is a modern, open-source React framework that allows the building of high-speed and interactive websites using React without compromising Drupal’s key benefits.

React Finland on Twitter:

You might have heard of #nextjsopens in a new tab and #drupalopens in a new tab but how to use them together? Let @dcorbachoopens in a new tab and @vermario to show in a free three hour workshop in #ReactFinlandopens in a new tab at 31st of August.

buff.ly/3Bzq3oTopens in a new tab

— React Finland (@ReactFinland) July 30, 2021opens in a new tab

If you wish to discover how Drupal and React complement each other, register now! As we want everyone interested to have the opportunity to join the workshop, we offer David and Mario’s session free of charge.

Hope to see you there!

Ps. All of React Finland’s vodcasts are also free of charge. By registering for the conference, you will receive a link to a YouTube stream closer to the event.

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