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We know and we care. We share and we dare. And we are ambitious to build digital solutions where success meets sustainability and digital meets humanity.

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At Wunder, we believe collaboration is the key when crafting seamless, easy-to-use digital solutions for complex digital environments. With decades of experience in tailoring holistic solutions, our clients can trust that they won’t need to worry about the underlying complexity or the rapid pace of change in the digital landscape. We design and build based on the clients’ needs and potential, diverse and high-quality data, and combining our principles of simplicity, re-usability, and efficiency. This enables us to turn cluttered digital environments into digital spaces that serve the user and the purpose.

And how do we do it? We share our knowledge and foster a culture of lifelong learning. We care about each other, ourselves, our clients, end-users, and the planet. We dare to be proactive, innovate, and transparently say what works and what doesn’t. Our diverse international team of 100+ digital advisors, designers, data engineers, and developers build solutions that help our clients to reach your business goals and explore new opportunities. We believe success can meet sustainability by combining deep knowledge and the ability to innovate. Together.

Wunder’s Story

The early days of Wunder took place in 2010 in Finland, and soon the Finnish pioneers of Drupal found their counterparts in Estonia and Latvia. In the ICT market, there was a clear need for a company that embraced a non-corporate ethos, utilized open-source technology, demonstrated the ability to craft solutions for intricate needs, and was genuinely committed to collaborating with clients. So that’s how our success began. Since day one, our main components have been a deep understanding of Drupal and Agile, an outstanding level of caring, and a will to build premium digital solutions for complex needs in multifaceted environments.

Today, our offices and co-working spaces are located in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Tallinn, Riga, and Valmiera, and some of our 100+ colleagues work from their home offices across Europe. We no longer excel just with Drupal but also build with multiple other technologies.

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What Wunder Excels At?

We have grown to be digital experts, especially in the fields of media, education, transportation, cities, natural resources, and manufacturing. Our solutions serve millions of people around the world, and most of our clients are prominent Finnish companies and organizations from both the private and public sectors. Our commitment to care and build premium solutions has not only remained but has grown even stronger.

Our strengths lie in building accessible and sustainable digital ecosystems that seamlessly integrate CMSs, LMSs, E-commerce, and self-service portals into websites, web services, intranets, and extranets. We achieve this by combining business goals with a deep understanding of user needs, utilizing optimized and tailored architecture. Open technologies are often our go-to, and we embrace & implement green tech thinking. Since collaboration is in our DNA, we thrive in multivendor environments and have partner companies with whom we can build nearly any digital solutions.

Owners, Financial Status, and How We Contribute

Wunder is in good financial standing, and since 2017, the majority shareholder of Wunder in Finland is the Finnish private equity fund Korona Invest. The company's executive management and a few employees hold the remaining ownership. The executive team and the board include two of the company's founders, and several executive team members have been with Wunder for over a decade.

Creating accessible, user-centric, and sustainable solutions that empower our clients and inspire our development teams is our baseline. We recognize the power and potential of psychological safety, and we strive to contribute to the tech-related communities in which we are involved. We are engaged and active with our local communities. In Finland, we have a long history with Software Finland & Mimmit koodaa, Itewiki, and Future Frontend (previously known as React Finland), to mention a few. In Latvia and Estonia we have been received multiple awards for being as sustainable, reliable and family-friendly employer.

Wunder has always been very active in the Drupal Community, often highly involved in organizing events and growing the community. Wunder in Finland, Estonia and Latvia have been and continues to be a part of core organizing teams in the DrupalCamp Finland and DrupalCamp Baltics. Wunderers actively participate and contribute to the entire global Drupal community, and are presenting their innovations at DrupalCon Europe events.

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Wunder Vision, Mission, Values and Slogan

Together with all the Wunderers, we have defined our Vision, Mission, and Values and recognized the following topics as our strategic cornerstones:

  • Sustainability based on Simplicity, Re-usability, and Efficiency,
  • Working Together based on Collaboration, Co-creation, and Connections,
  • Forward Thinking.

Our Mission is to help our clients by co-creating digital solutions with a business-driven, human-centered, and sustainable approach. 

Our Vision is to be the forward-thinking digital solutions partner with whom success meets sustainability and digital meets humanity.

Wunder Values:

  • We are open and curious: We are eager to learn, grow and explore. We dare to experiment.
  • We nurture a culture of trust: We aim to be as inclusive and non-judgmental as possible. We want everyone to be able to be themselves.
  • We take care of each other: We help and support each other and care for the environment and planet.

Wunder Slogan:

Due to a significant number of our stakeholders being non-Finnish speakers, our slogan is in English. It emphasizes the simplicity, transparency, and efficiency we value – and the human touch combined with delivering what we promise. 

Our slogan since spring 2024 is: We act human and deliver digital.

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