Wunder participated in Inklusiiv’s diversity campaign


Wunder participated in Inklusiiv’s first diversity research that measured the division of gender, age and nationalities in the technology industry in Finland. 15 companies took part in the study, and the key findings were:

  • The ration of female employees differs a lot between companies
  • The older generation is missing
  • The companies are highly international
  • In general, employees’ disabilities (e.g. with physics/vision/hearing) are not compiled in statistics

Inklusiiv shared two special mentions to encourage companies to make more concrete actions for diversity and inclusion. Wunder had the honour to receive the first special mention for employing four developers through Integrify and Mimmit koodaa programs.

We want to thank Inklusiiv for opening the important conversation in the Finnish tech industry and making the current situation more transparent. We’ll continue to do our share in creating more equal workplaces for everyone.

Read Inklusiiv’s blog post and Kauppalehti’s article about the research, both written in Finnish.