The purpose of Wunder’s Whistleblowing channel is to enable our stakeholders to report illegal, corrupt, and/or unethical activities either completely anonymously or by name. At Wunder, we take allegations of abuse seriously and want to provide a confidential channel for reporting them.

The Whistleblowing channel can be used by persons related to Wunder, such as employees or former employees, job seekers, suppliers, and other business partners who, in their work-related activities, have information about a violation or suspected violation that has occurred or is likely to occur at Wunder.

Wunder protects those who file the report, e.g. without revealing the identity and ensuring that the informant is not exposed to any kind of retaliation. Wunder ensures that reports made through the Whistleblowing channel are handled confidentially and impartially. Reports received in the Whistleblowing channel are handled only by specified, named persons. We only process reports filed in English or Finnish.

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