Why do we gather together once a year?

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On last May, 17-19th day, over a hundred Wunderers travelled to Helsinki, in the beautiful surroundings of hotel Rantapuisto, to spend a weekend together. It’s safe to say that our fifth annual WunderCon was a success, both from the content and random factors (e.g. weather) point of view!

I’ve now participated in four WunderCons, so I can probably consider myself as a WunderCon-veteran. I still remember my first WunderCon in Latvia in 2015. I was new to the company and worked only part-time and remotely, 450km away from the nearest Wunder-office. Honestly, I felt a bit nervous going to the event back then, but it didn’t take long to feel belongingness to this warm and welcoming work community. Every time I saw a new face, I saw a friendly smile and got a “Hi, I’m XX, are you Venla? Nice to meet you finally in person!”. After the weekend I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I am to be a part of this group, a second family some might even say.

WunderCon has a major positive impact on strengthening cross-border relationships. It is also a major fueler for happiness, and creates a lot of stories to be told for the next year.

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For many, this event is the event of the year. Why?

People are our most important, and honestly, only asset. A good thing to remember is that we have professionals in six offices in three countries, not to forget all our purely remote workers. This is most of all, a tradition that reminds people that we all are also physical creatures and not just pixels on your Zoom-call or messages in Slack. Nothing speaks more clearly than statistics based on our internal feedback…


The average rating for the event on a scale from 1 to 5


of the respondents stated that we need such an event


90% of the respondents thought that getting together and seeing colleagues from other offices matters the most in WunderCon

WunderCon is Wunder's most valuable event. It unifies us. It's a chance to get our company aligned. We have so many company-wide meetings over Zoom, this is our only way once a year to feel like one company truly.

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Our weekend together started on Friday, when we got to know the meaning of life from our CEO’s opening speech, had fascinating workshops in teams and a Superhero themed evening party that included coding in the dark competition.

Saturday involved more relaxed activities, e.g. morning yoga, ice sculpting competition, kayak rafting, problem-solving in teams, outdoor games, barbecue and watching Eurovision song contest together. With such relaxed activities, it’s easy to create conversations with new faces and deepen the relationship with more familiar colleagues.

So why do we gather together once a year then? Simply because it’s one of the best investments in our only asset, people.