We are known for

  • Being exceptionally honest and trustworthy – always delivering what we promise

  • Our continuous development – believing that we can aim for smarter possibilities

  • Having an infectiously great company culture which comes across in everything we do

  • Smart agile project management – support including in-house agile coaching

  • Ability to tackle complex integrations – working with legacy support systems, integrations and robust maintenance packages

  • Confident rescue support – emergency help for Drupal websites if it hasn't worked out with a previous vendor

Business of trust

Doing good worldwide

For nearly 10 years we have built up a reputation because working with us is easy. We are open, honest and professional because we put people ahead of processes and approach everyday business with complete transparency. Because of this, our staff have listed us as one of the best places to work and our clients love the warm wholesome working relationship with our Wunderers. We even have a hug system in place for recognising good work.

Our people

Wunder people

At Wunder, everyone can be themselves. We are travellers, artists, musicians, writers, huggers, philosophers, festival-goers and volunteers. What combines us is passion for digital. We drive change with unlimited imagination.

Our culture

About our culture

We're known for having an infectiously great company culture. Our culture is about the power in the combination of professionalism, openness and collaboration.

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