Usability and Accessibility Audits

Our comprehensive audits ensure the digital accessibility of the entire service, covering content types, media, and document formats. We offer full and partial audits during development or on previously audited services.

Adhering to POUR principles (perceivable, observable, usable, robust) and WCAG recommendations, our accessibility testing is conducted by experts using standardized tools. We provide detailed audit reports listing violations, including criteria, impact on users, and suggestions for resolution. Our materials often include screenshots, screen recordings, and code snippets.

Usability audits focus on the overall user experience, identifying issues that may confuse or hinder usage. We employ methods such as keyboard and automated testing, analytics, user testing and feedback. We emphasize navigation, site structure, visual consistency, efficiency and clear content. Usability testing incorporates aspects of accessibility, contributing to cognitive understanding and operability.

Detailed findings in our usability reports include issue location, type, impact and improvement suggestions. Testing is conducted by UX designers.

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