Concept design

Finding questions and answers

  • Research and insight
  • Service strategy
  • Concept design

Concept is the foundation of any digital service. It answers the questions “what”, “how”, “to whom” and “why”. The scope of a service strategy or concept can vary from a few days’ project to more extensive work.

Our design solutions are always based on research and insights. We want to understand the user’s needs, behavioural models and the organisational goals before we start concepting a solution. Typically, we collect data about the users and their needs through online surveys, interviews, observation and data analysis.

You’ll get a service concept based on data and focused on end user needs and your business goals. If you already have a concept defined, we’ll use it as a starting point, and if needed, refine it together when starting the project.


We help to define your company’s digital vision and aspirations, guiding you on your way to digital success.

Design & Data

Together we can build the best possible solutions with the help of design and data.

Delivering Digital

Creation, continuous development and constant support of your digital services.