Wunder supports the Baltic Ecoregion Programme by WWF

Published: 14.12.2018
Categories: Culture
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Wunder Spreads Holiday Cheer & Protects the Baltic Sea! This year, Wunder donates Christmas gift funds to WWF's Baltic Ecoregion Programme to restore the Baltic Sea.

It is a tradition for Wunder to surprise our clients and business partners with meaningful Christmas gifts and, of course, hugs. This year is no exception – each Wunder Christmas card that goes out to our friends will include a special message about our this year’s decision to donate the Christmas gift funds for a good cause.

Wanting to protect one of the unique things that unite all Wunder countries – the beautiful and vulnerable Baltic Sea. We have sent a donation of 2000 EUR to the Baltic Ecoregion Programme by WWF, which aims to restore the youngest, yet one of the most polluted seas in the world to a healthy state.

The long-term vision of the programme is to secure a healthy ecosystem for the Baltic Sea and to ensure that:

  • Conservation and use of the sea is planned and managed through a holistic ecosystem-based approach
  • Long-term sustainability of fish stocks are secured
  • The Baltic Sea is protected from excessive eutrophication

More information about the initiative is available on the WWF websiteopens in a new tab.

We thank everyone for the fantastic year of 2018 and wish you Happy Holidays!

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