Wunder strengthens its position as a family-friendly workplace in Latvia

Published: 28.1.2022
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Family friendly workplace

Wunder is among those 75 companies and organizations in Latvia that can officially call themselves Family-friendly workplaces in Latvia.

Flexible working hours, offices available 24/7, and special surprises for family members are just a few of the things Wunder does for its employees. At Wunder, we believe that good care for the employees is also one of the most effective tools on how to maintain the sustainable growth of the company.

With this motivation in our pocket, we reacquired a Family-friendly employer certificate, issued by the Society Integration Foundation of Latviaopens in a new tab. Wunder experience storyopens in a new tab can be found (in Latvian) from the portal “Place for family”.

The aim of the initiative “Family-friendly workplace” is to promote and strengthen an emphatic, human, and understanding working culture in Latvia, thus providing tools and support on work-life balance evaluation and improvement. For the first time in Latvia, Wunder received a family-friendly employer certificate back in 2019. And since the end of 2020, Wunder is also certified family-friendly workplace in Estonia.

But why are we a family-friendly workplace? And not only in Latvia, but also in other Wunder countries. We asked our close ones to reveal that:

“My daddy has an awesome workplace because I always receive nice Christmas presents from Wunder Santa”

Elīna, Raimond's Daughter

”Training at the gym together with a friend is funnier, safer, and more motivating. Being able to go and train before the rush hour, makes it even more pleasant. So yes, flexible working hours of Wunderers benefit me too.”

Tiia, Akira's Friend

"I like that the family members are always welcome to visit Wunder office and before the covid-times, there were parties/activities outside the office with all the families involved."

Kerli, Mikk's Wife

“I love going to the office with my owner because there are some really fluffy carpets where I can take a nap and they always keep some treats for me.”

Captain Morgan, Anu's Dog

If you are looking for a family-friendly workplace where to continue your professional journey while still keeping a healthy work-life balance, check out our open positions, and perhaps we are a good match!

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