Wunder sharing knowledge on Decoupled Days 2021

Published: 12.7.2021
Categories: Technology
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Wuder loves decoupled days.

On July 14-15, our David Corbacho will provide two sessions in the Decoupled Days 2021 online conference.

Decoupled architecture empowers Wunder frontend developers to build swift and interactive digital solutions with React and use the JavaScript ecosystem without losing the key benefits Drupal provides. Therefore, being part of the Decoupled community and taking an active role in its events feel as natural as breathing.

Decoupled Days 2021opens in a new tab – the only conference on the future of CMS, headlessCMS, and decoupledCMS – will take place on July 14–15 on the virtual conference platform Hopin. Our experienced JS developer David Corbacho will share his experience in two sessions there:

  • On July 14 at 11:15 ET (16:15 EET), in the room Srijan, David will hold a session “Decoupled stack with Next.js” to reveal the benefits of bringing together Drupal, ElasticSearch, and Next.js.
  • And on July 15 at 10:45 ET (15:45 EET), in the room Contentful, David will provide a session “How ESLint and Prettier will benefit your team workflow” to show how these tools can both save your team from critical mistakes and provide standard formatting to the code without effort.

The conference is free of charge, so mark your calendars, get yourself comfortable, and be ready for loads of valuable knowledge piling up from five parallel session tracks.

NB! When planning your timetable, mind the time zones: the conference schedule is announced in the ET time zone, which is 7 hours behind EET (FI/EE/LV) time (the Opening Remarks will take place at 9:00 ET time which is 16:00 EET time).

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