Wunder office in Riga – now in the heart of the city

Published: 27.9.2022
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Recently our Riga office has moved closer to the city center to be more accessible to Wunderers and our guests. The new office is only 700 meters from the bus station and 1000 meters from the main train station – and literally opposite to Freedom monument.

During the past few years, the needs and purposes of company offices have changed tremendously. Quite many organizations have learned to go completely remote while some got back to the office premises as soon as it was possible and felt like they never left in the first place. Some companies are even forcing employees to come to the offices… During the pandemic, all our Wunder offices remained open and available for our people (respecting the restrictions) and so are they now. Our people have offices to come to – and in our case, we don’t see any point in forcing them to do that – the vast majority want to come anyway; at least every now and then.

At Wunder we have always provided freedom of choice – people can work from offices all the time, 50% of the time, or 1 day per month, morning shifts or late night shifts (as long as the agreed work is done) – it is up to them. And we have always thought of an office as a place to meet, socialize and interact with each other. Therefore the question of whether we keep the offices was never raised. Instead, this time helped us to understand and evaluate the habits and preferences of our employees and then adjust to the results.

As Riga is a strategically important and easy-to-access location, we decided to move the office space closer to the heart of the city. Our new Riga office address is Zigfrida Annas Meirovica boulevard 16, thus making the office more approachable for everyone – our Latvia employees who use train or bus to get to the office (both Riga bus and train stations are within ~10 min walking distance), colleagues who travel from other Wunder countries, clients and guests. And when thinking about international guests, we couldn't choose a better location than right across the Freedom monument of Latviaopens in a new tab and next to beautiful Bastion Hill Parkopens in a new tab!

Next time when you are in Riga, drop us a line, and let’s have a walk in the park and a cup of coffee in our office – and let's discuss how we can together develop the digital where success meets sustainability.

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