Wunder is an Equal Pay Award holder in Latvia

Published: 19.9.2023
Categories: Culture
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We are happy and honored to be recognized as the payers of the fairest salaries in Latvia in 2023.

The Equal Pay Award 2023, organized by Figure Baltic Advisory, recognizes the payers of the fairest salaries in Latvia in 2023. The nominees are announced based on salary research carried out annually. Wunder has been participating in the study since 2018, and this is the first time we have reached the Top 5 in the small and medium enterprises category.

The most critical evaluation criteria were:

  • internal fairness, or how remuneration is paid for positions of equal or similar value within the company
  • external equity, i.e. what the company pays compared to similar positions in the labor market
  • social equity, which assesses whether and how much difference there is between the pay of men and women in the same positions
  • as well as the ratio between different genders in managerial positions, starting with mid-level managers.
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"At Wunder, we constantly evolve to become a better employer and digital services provider. It's just a natural part of our culture and values. Such 3rd party recognition confirms that we are on the right track and is a great motivation booster to continue the growth."

Ilze Zariņa , Talent Operations Lead in Latvia, Wunder

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