We did it! The new HUS.fi is up and running!

Published: 6.10.2020
Categories: Technology
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We are super proud of our latest site renewal project, HUS.fi - read here the main goals and how they were reached

We are proud to announce that the brand new HUS.fiopens in a new tab website is up and running! Yet another highly accessible site with a highly customer-oriented approach from Wunder’s wundermakers.

The main idea was to make it as easy as possible for the user/patient to find the information they are looking for. The site operates smoothly on all different devices and supports also screen readers. The goal for accessing the needed information optimally was reached by categorising the information into five main sections depending on the needs of that stakeholder, paying close attention to the accessibility all along and making it easier than before to find the services and information that is searched for most often.

The development with Wunder started in spring 2020 and the new site has been published 1st of October 2020. Now, the renewed site is up and running and the further development and the maintenance work continues, including adding more content.

“This was a prime example of a project, in which the site that has a tremendous effect on so many peoples lives, in this case literally. Our development team found this cooperation with HUS very fluent and the project exceptionally meaningful”, account manager Patric Ojala states proudly.

HUS.fiopens in a new tab site is not only for patients but also for other important stakeholders such as job-seekers and other healthcare professionals and researchers. Check the site and tell us how you like it!

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