Sustainable Business of the year 2022 award for Wunder in Valmiera County

Published: 22.11.2022
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Ilze receiving an award from mayor of Valmiera

We are happy and honored to receive a Business award issued by Valmiera County (in our opinion the best) nomination – Sustainability of the year 2022.

Wunder in Latvia was started back in 2008 by two passionate students from Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, located in Valmiera, and over the years has grown into a 34 people team. Our Latvia (especially Valmiera) colleagues always have been proudly stating that Wunder is a region-based company. And if usually non-Latvians might know Riga as the capital of Latvia, then we are quite sure that the majority of our Finnish clients have heard of Valmiera way more often.

There are quite many economic, social and environmental benefits of being a regional company, and on top of those also comes the recognition. This autumn our work has been noticed and we have been awarded as a Sustainable business 2022 in Valmiera County.

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Ilze Zariņa introduces Wunder from the social sustainability point of view: we take care of each other, wear slippers at the office, use a lot of emojis in our daily communication, and love sending and receiving virtual hugs.
“We couldn't have wished for a better nomination - sustainability plays a significant role in our company culture, the way we work and deliver digital solutions to our clients. Today's decisions and actions should be based on the idea that we will be here tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and so on. This is how I see sustainability - being present with forward-thinking. I am proud that one of our company's main priorities is the wellbeing of our employees and team loyalty is the best possible result.”

Ilze Zariņa, Wunder Ambassador in Latvia

Valmiera and its surrounding territory have always stated themselves as the center of entrepreneurship. After the territorial reform in 2021 which unified Valmiera city and seven former municipalities, Valmiera Countyopens in a new tab was created. The Annual Award in Business of Valmiera Countyopens in a new tab is a new tradition that has been started this year. The aim of the award is to highlight and honor businesses that operate in Valmiera and its surrounding territory, have made a significant contribution to the development of the region, and have shown good business results. The award was handed in 10 nominations and the winners were selected by a special Evaluation commission.

Sustainability is not a destination, it is a journey and we would be happy to take our next steps of a sustainable growth path together with you!


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