Studying interaction and emotions in digital environment

Published: 8.11.2018
Categories: Culture
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Wunder joins top universities to explore human emotions in the workplace. The HUMEX project uses cutting-edge tech to understand how teams and customers interact in a digital world.

Wunder is a proud company partner in a multidisciplinary research project entitled “Quantifying Human Experience for Increased Intelligence Within Work Teams and in the Customer Interface”, commonly known as HUMEX. The study is conducted by the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, Oulu University and with nine other partner companies. The project is studying interaction and emotions at work among increasing technology. The research will be conducted in real-world work situations and the study will use the latest emotion technologies, such as biosensors and machine vision.

"Technological developments are fundamentally changing the work environment and the role of people at work. Once everything that can be automatised has been automatised, the work done by humans will become increasingly focused on the things machines cannot do."

Katri Saarikivi, Head of the Project , Cognitive Brain Research Unit of Helsinki University

The experiment that Wunder will be taking part in focuses especially on how to improve empathy, the sense of togetherness and thereby collaboration in video-mediated interaction. We will investigate the specific effects of emotional states on the quality of interaction through video conferencing.

Together, we wish to uncover

  • What are the mechanisms that give rise to empathy and high-quality interaction?
  • What predicts the success of collaboration in computer-mediated contexts?
  • How could we use this understanding to improve the tools we use for interaction?

The new knowledge created by the experiment will further the understanding of factors that influence the quality of interaction and can be used to improve digital interaction tools.

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