SPEAK: Effective communication – the key to success and wellbeing

Published: 25.3.2022
Categories: Culture
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Webinar poster for SPEAK, Effective communication – key to success and wellbeing

How well can two computers work together, if they are not connected? Yep, they can not. The case is pretty much the same with humans. Gladly there are multiple ways to upgrade the quality and speed of the connection between people and our SPEAK webinar with Iida Mäkikallio will provide some tools for upgrading the communication connections.

The third topic in the Wunder Wellbeing Webinars series is communication: why it is so important, how it affects our overall wellbeing and how to enhance one’s communications skills? Psychologist and coach specializing in interpersonal and emotional skills, Iida Mäkikallio will help not just Wunderers, but everyone working in the field of IT comprehend and utilize the power of communication.

Developing digital services in the digital environment is quite demanding, or at least very different than developing analog devices in real life and the same physical space with other people. Digital services enable us to communicate faster and easier than ever before but understanding the other person only via a screen and audio (or sometimes just via the audio) is way more challenging than if the persons are physically in the same space. Anyone who has ever been part of a team developing digital services knows that the development process requires precision, innovation, and true knowledge. And that the more complex the sites get, the less a person can handle the development alone. So, what could be done to help the team members “get each other” better, create an atmosphere where solutions grow as an efficient team effort?

"To see that more and more IT -companies are paying attention to the interpersonal, emotional and communications skills, really delights me. Those companies have understood that the power for collaboration is built on the level of common understanding in the teams. Digital age challenges us, yet gladly there are so many things that can help people to understand each other also in the digital environments."

Iida Mäkikallio, Psychologist and Keynote Speaker , Wunder Wellbeing Webinar

Wellbeing of a person is not only built at work or at home. It’s the same mind and body that goes to work and lives life outside of work. Work-related stress affects our overall wellbeing and therefore reducing work-related stress enhances the overall wellbeing. In this third webinar, we approach the topic from a team work-related aspect, but the advices given by Mäkikallio work just as well in any other situation where multiple persons are communicating.

Mäkikallio’s presentation will provide you with the following information:

  • How to uplevel quality of communication within the team and with clients
  • Learn how to notice dysfunctional team dynamics and how to approach and change them
  • How to deal with tensions and uncomfortable emotions within a team

Read the key takeaways of the webinar written by our brand manager Zane Ābelīte.

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