RELAX – How to boost your creativity and wellbeing

Published: 6.5.2022
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Lauri Järvilehto on Relax - webinar

Wish to learn how your brain actually works? What are dual processes and how do they link with creativity? Get the webinar recording of the webinar held on the 15th of June. With Lauri Järvilehto's help, you'll get the key elements for boosting your creativity and wellbeing.

Last but not least online session in our Wunder Wellbeing Webinars series is about the ability to relax and the benefits of this skill. The keynote speaker is Lauri Järvilehto, the founder of Academy of Philosophy (in Finland) and the webinar took place on the 15th of June.

Järvilehto is also a serial entrepreneur and professor of practice and he has been studying and teaching the mechanics of motivation and the ability to innovate for decades. Since digital development almost always requires coming up with new innovations this topic is highly relevant for everyone working in the field of IT, yet the principles Järvilehto is teaching benefit everyone regardless of their profession.

“Your intrinsic motivation is the key to creativity. I feel it is my responsibility to do my best to share knowledge on how our minds actually work. Unfortunately, we have been quite misled by our education system on how the human mind functions – many of the theories are from the 18th century. These over 300 years old assumptions are no longer valid. Even if science, in general, can be often controversial, hundreds of studies from recent decades give us reliable information that is not only worth sharing but can literally change quite a lot. On a personal level and also on a company level. The potential is tremendous.”  – Lauri Järvilehto

In this webinar Järvilehto provides information on the following topics:

  • Dual processing of the mind – how the mind actually works?
  • Creativity and creative thinking – how to boost those
  • Creative tools – practical, hands-on tools to enhance your resilience and ability to relax

The webinar on consists of 45 minutes keynote presentation and 15 minutes Q&A.

Read the key takeaways of the webinar


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