MOVE – Wonderful ways to upgrade your mind-body connection

Published: 22.4.2022
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How does your body movement affect your brain? How can you find the joy and potential of being physically active? Order the webinar recording from the end of this article.

In our fourth Wunder Wellbeing Webinar on the 18th of May, business coach and ex-pro athlete Aleksi Litovaara introduces us to the possibilities of a better mind-body connection. Especially IT professionals need to have the ability to adapt fast, be precise, tolerate pressure, be innovative and constructive. How can movement and mobilization of our body support our brain functions? How can we learn to enjoy what we do and find the positive tune that is beneficial for our resilience and overall happiness?

Our keynote speaker found the joy of movement – and the immense pressure of succeeding – via boardsports. Aleksi got his first skateboard at a very young age, immediately falling in love with boardsports that combine physicality, winning oneself, and a feeling of belonging. Later on, he fell in love with snowboarding and ended up competing in it at the world cup level. However, Aleksi also faced the fact that even if he loved the sport, competing could be nerve-wracking. To overcome his nerves, he searched and found a way to tackle that stress and harness his mind to his advantage. On Wednesday, the 18th, Aleksi shared his insights, tips, and tricks on how we can make the most of it when it comes to the collaboration of body and mind.

In this webinar, Aleksi tells you more about:

  • The entity of body and mind – how to turn it into a joyful movement machine
  • How to be present in your body
  • Finding the motivation for moving
  • How your mind benefits from physical activeness.

The webinar consists of 45 minutes keynote presentation and 15 minutes Q&A -session.

Read the key takeaways of the webinar

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