Five years of Great Place to Work

Published: 20.2.2018
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Wunderer's at GPTW

Wunder wins Bronze in the Great Place to Work Awards for Finland! We've been a Top 10 workplace for 5 years straight, but what makes us truly great? Our focus on freedom, transparency, trust & work-life balance creates a unique work culture.

Wunder has done it again. We are a Great Place to Workopens in a new tab and it is something to be celebrated! For five years in a row, we have been in the Top 10 amongst Finnish workplaces – quite an achievement. However, this year it meant a bit more.

Mikko Laine and Toni Sinisalo fistbumping at the gala

Growing and evolving

We have always put our people first and this mission has kept us amongst the top workplaces in Finland since 2014. During these five consecutive years in the Top 10, Wunder has continued to grow quite rapidly in all our five countries. We’ve had changes in leadership, new positions popping up, new investor joining our ranks and so much more while growing all the time. We have had changes after changes but still, our essence and our company culture have managed to evolve with us – to the better.

Last year was our first year in the most competitive category, medium-sized companies league and we were ranked 5th. This year, we had our highest ranking yet in the Great Place to Work Awards, BRONZE, third place!

Timo Kirkkala holding Wunder's diploma for 3rd place

What makes us a great place to work?

Good tools, functional healthcare, nice offices, good coffee, snacks, microbrewery beers, craft ciders and bad jokes to boost our days are some of the fundamentals of a great workplace. But those are not very unique or original. So what is it that makes us so great?

When I started, I was the fifth employee in Wunder and we have come a long way since then. We continuously focus on giving freedom and responsibility to everyone despite their position. We have the opportunity to have a say in (almost) everything, actively make our work better. Transparent and humane work culture truly puts people first.

We invented our own Hug System to support positive feedback and interaction with each other in a unique way. We regularly fly everyone to the same country for our very own WunderCon, the internal conference for just us. We value and encourage continuous learning, knowledge sharing and mentoring each other on things that are important to us.

But to me, probably the key thing in what makes us great is TRUST. That shows in so many different ways, but mostly in the ways, we work. We put emphasis on work-life balance and to support this, we offer great amount of flexibility for everyone to decide where we want to work. Be it our offices, your home, coffee shop or even next to your horse when he is sick (OK, that is just me…). It is completely fine as long as the job gets done. This level of trust really is unique, special and something to be valued.

Wunderer's at GPTW

So cheers to a great workplace!

No matter what happens in the company in the coming years, no matter what our leadership is like, Wunder is us – the people, the brains, the culture. We will do our very best every single day to keep our essence and make us an even better place to work. Maybe we can climb even higher in the list of great workplaces, make Bronze medal even shinier. There are still two steps to the top…

Looking for new Wunderers

The growth story continues, and for that, we’re looking for new people to join our open and equal community. You can work wherever it makes the most sense, we offer you flexible working opportunities – with a mix of office and remote work. Grow with us and conquer new work that you’re truly proud of. Check out our career possibilities!

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