EAT – Optimized eating for IT Professionals

Published: 3.2.2022
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Have you ever thought that there might be a couple of tips and tricks on how you could enhance your diet to support not only your overall health but also to support your brain functions? Those of us who work in the field of IT have quite different needs when it comes to eating and diet vs. persons who have very physical work. So, order & watch our free webinar held on the 16th of March to learn more!

Eat better, feel better

The topic for the second one in our Wunder Wellbeing Webinar - series was Eating and Nutrition. Medical Doctor & Biohacker Olli Sovijärvi provided information on eating habits and foods that are beneficial especially for those who work with tasks demanding great thinking capacity.

Food is not only our fuel, but that is also the material for “building blocks” when our body renews itself and something that highly affects our hormones and even our emotions & mental capacity.  Our bodies are actually in a constant chemical reaction, affected by the environment we live in, but also affected by everything we eat and drink. Yet, eating is not only that – it is also something that brings us joy, a feeling of togetherness and even enables us to experience new cultures in the form of delicious cuisines.

Our guest speaker, a versatile food & nutrition expert and author Olli Sovijärvi shared his professional insights on nutrition. His presentation includes 45 minutes keynote presentation followed by a 15 minutes Q&A section.

"How we work, move, and live has changed dramatically during the last decades. Yet the metabolic and digestive systems of humans are pretty much exactly the same as our ancestors' ancestors had. Gladly there is tremendously much we can do with our eating habits to help our bodies to function optimally. Nowadays we also know more than ever before about the nutrition and I am happy to share my knowledge to help people feel better and to do better."

Olli Sovijärvi, Medical Doctor, Biohacker and head author of Biohacker’s Handbook and Biohacker’s Stress Manual

Sovijärvi’s presentation will provide you information on e.g. the following topics

  • Why you should avoid crashes in blood sugar – and how that is done?
  • Optimal office snacks for IT professionals
  • A small thing, big impact – tune your coffee!

Read the senior developer Pasi Laitinen’s key takeaways of the webinar here

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