Drupal 10 is here – and it looks very promising

Published: 15.12.2022
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This year Christmas is taking place a bit early since we got to see the release of Drupal's next main version, Drupal 10 already in the middle of the December. Here we shortly summarize what updates bring and show the timeline for Drupal and supporting technologies. If you wish to learn more, please download our Drupal 10 Guide (in Finnish) in the end of this article.

Drupal 10 is here and we are thrilled!

This brand-new main version of the well-known and highly valued CMS is future-ready from multiple perspectives, and the oncoming minor versions will provide promising features and are remarkable steps in Drupal's Strategic Initiativesopens in a new tab. As with the previous main version, Drupal 9, the same logic applies; if you have the latest (or even the second latest) Drupal version up and running, the required actions are not grandiose. But if one's site is still powered by Drupal 7 or early versions of Drupal 9, the amount of work needed is higher.

Drupal 10 aims to provide a better user experience for all - developers, product owners, and content creators. Many of the implemented initiatives indeed look very promising – and another thing that can have a remarkable impact is the aim and solutions that will make collaboration easier, more effective, and diverse.

Drupal 10 will include several new features - here are a couple of our favorites

  • New Starterkit theme
  • Decoupled Menus
  • Automatic updates
  • CKEditor 4 replaced with CKeditor 5
  • Default front-end theme Olivero
  • Default admin theme Claro
Drupal and dependencies timeline for EOLs and releases

Along with the promising new features, the Drupal core was also cleaned from old and out-of-date dependencies and updated with newer ones, PHP 7 being one of them – Drupal 10 will require PHP 8.1. Also, Symfony 4 and CKEditor4 will have their end-of-life in 2023, so having Drupal 10 available now is good news.

Since we at Wunder are specialized in highly tailored solutions that cover even the most complex needs, we are happy to witness the release of this new Drupal main version – and have created a more detailed guide on Drupal 10 that serves our clients as well as anyone else with enterprise-level needs for digital solutions built with Drupal.

This downloadable Drupal 10-guide is in Finnish, but if you wish to learn more in English, do not hesitate to contact us.

Source: Drupal.orgopens in a new tab

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