Change makes us a Great Place to Work

Published: 14.2.2020
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Happy people around table in the Great Place to work -gala

Change is good. Change means that something fresh and new comes along. Change offers more opportunities to rise up and take responsibility.

Typically change is associated with something negative, stressful or even painful. Something you have grown accustomed to is not the same anymore. You need to change. You need to modify your behavior, thoughts, and actions accordingly. It is not just things changing around you but you yourself need to keep up, evolve and grow.

But why is change so often considered primarily a bad thing? How about looking at change from a more positive perspective: a source of inspiration, innovation, enthusiasm to look outside the box, opportunities to be curious, to learn and to experiment. At Wunder, this way of looking at things comes naturally to us.

The past three years Wunder has experienced one change after another. We have renewed our brand, had changes in the management, the board, the investors… We have welcomed new Wunderers to join our ranks and sent some of our dearest Wunderers for new adventures – only to joyfully take some of them back as well. As a consulting company working with everything digital, we are in a continuous cycle of change. Never-ending learning opportunities and even better practices replacing the old best practices are a part of our everyday work.

And we truly believe that all of this has helped Wunder to be a Great Place to Work – for seven years in a row. It makes you wonder, how?

People make a difference

Focus on people has always been our number one value. No matter what is happening around us, we are a bunch of experts working towards the same goal – building something great and unique for our customers and ourselves. And we do it together, making sure we have the best possible opportunities to succeed in our work. Our secret ingredients in building our company into a great place to work really are the people.

I was recently asked what hasn’t changed in those nine years I have been here at Wunder. It was an easy question to answer, naturally – the people. I have been here from the very beginning, witnessing the growth of the company, meeting the professionals joining our team, welcoming everyone into this unique and diverse mix of awesome people. Our Wunderers speak 15 languages and represent a wide variety of nationalities*, ranging from Philippine, Russian, Serbian, Italian, Spanish, Iranian, British, Latvian, Estonian, German and Finnish. Our focus on people has not changed and I am sure, it never will. We offer trust, respect, and freedom for our experts and expect them to take responsibility and get things done in return.

In our Great Place to Work survey, 94% of Wunderers considered our sense of togetherness to be something truly valuable. We sincerely take care of each other and instead of competing, we work together to find our unique way of delivering digital solutions. When you have very talented people with the right attitude collaborating every day, you quickly notice that change is something valuable motivating us to continuously develop further.

What continues to make me a happy Talent person is the popularity of this state of mind – we truly care about each other and think our people are awesome. In the Great Place to Work survey, there is a voluntary open question about something unique or unusual that makes us a great place to work. We got 80 responses to this question and more than half of them mentioned our culture and people as something special!

*Wunder has 49% other nationalities than Finnish working for us.

Freedom to change

In every personnel survey we conduct, always the same things pop up as the most valuable factors in Wunder: people and freedom. Our people know best what they need to succeed. It is Wunder’s job to make sure we give the right tools, support, and space to empower our talents to take responsibility for their own work. Our private lives are continuously changing, so why should our jobs always stay the same?

Flexibility and freedom is the key to success. Flexibility in terms of time and place – choosing the ways of working that suit best to your habits and task at hand. Freedom to develop the ways of working for the better, to set up your teamwork together how you decide. This is what Wunder offers, and it is clearly appreciated.

And the more freedom people feel they have, the more they are ready to give back to the company. Being OK to change and flexibility that makes people happy can bring a great benefit to everyone.

“I feel that I can be a better mom to my kid, because I have a chance to plan and re-plan my day.”


Happy people around table in the Great Place to work -gala
Great Place to Work Gala / Levälampi Photography
“The culture is unique; we strongly believe people are empowered by the freedom to decide for themselves when to work, where to work, how to work, what to work on.”


Ready for the next decade of changes

We are curious about the future and take every opportunity we can to continuously develop our ways of working for the better. Problem-solving is in our DNA. We see an issue and we are immediately inspired to find solutions together.
This year is our 10th year of working with top-notch digital solutions. Without continuous change, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Change is good. Change means that something fresh and new comes along. Change offers more opportunities to rise up and take responsibility. Change makes us a Great Place to Work.

I simply cannot wait what the next 10 years of Wunder will bring!

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