Celebrating Drupal Commerce 2.x

Published: 18.9.2017
Categories: Technology
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I'm excited to finally see Drupal Commerce 2.x getting released on the 20th of September 2017, just a week before DrupalCon Vienna!

All the contributors together with Commerce Guys have been working hard to get the next version of Drupal Commerce out and I think all the guys involved in the journey deserve a big hug!

As a developer, I personally think that one of the best things Drupal Commerce 2.x brought (along with the all-new featuresopens in a new tab), is the way they showed by example how the rest of the Drupal community could adapt composer usage. Today, it is possible to use a composer with Drupal easier than ever before.

The reason why composer was important for Drupal Commerce, is that they’ve contributed to the PHP community also during the process of DC 2.x development. They solved issues around commerce first within the PHP context by making awesome libraries such as intlopens in a new tab, pricingopens in a new tab, taxopens in a new tab, zone,opens in a new tab and enumopens in a new tab and therefore making the Drupal side clearer with respect to scope and focus.

One of the major focuses in the last phase of DC 2.x development has been the workaround DC 2.x contribs, especially the payment gateways. On top of that, they’ve been receiving feedback (and fixing) real-life problems from real-life projects to make the final adjustments and edge cases covered in the final release. Wunder’s contributions show in the contributions listopens in a new tab in GitHub and from the issue queuesopens in a new tab. In addition to that we’ve created contrib modules too:

Our project Folkofolk.seopens in a new tab(different website, new window) has been one of these very first Drupal Commerce 2.x projects where we’ve put DC 2.x into the test and launched the project successfully.

As some of you already knowopens in a new tab, we are going to celebrate this release at our Wunder Helsinki office on Wednesday, 20th of September starting at 4 p.m. We offer some drinks, snacks, and good conversations about DC 2.x. Welcome! Please sign up before WED 20.9. Noon to let us know if you are coming.

If you are unable to join us live, we encourage everyone using Drupal to raise a glass to Drupal Commerce 2.x this Wednesday!

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