Beyond Presents: Wunder’s Modest Salute to the Baltic Sea

Published: 28.11.2023
Categories: Culture
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Winter celebrations greeting card in form of a frost flower

It’s again the time of the year when celebrating together and giving gifts gets topical. This year, we at Wunder focus on something truly special — the Baltic Sea. Our Seasonal Celebration reflects our appreciation for water's vital role in our ecosystem and a modest effort to address the challenges it faces.

Wunder continues redefining the spirit of giving this year. Breaking away from traditional material gifts, we have chosen a path of profound impact – a donation aimed at safeguarding the well-being of the Baltic Sea.

This year, our gift related to Seasonal Celebrations underscores our profound appreciation for water’s indispensable role in our ecosystem. It’s not just a celebration of the pristine beauty of water or an acknowledgment of the vast power held by the seas; it’s also a spotlight on a pressing concern — the current state of the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Sea, with its extensive coastline across every country where Wunder operates, holds ecological significance of paramount importance. Yet, in recent times, this unique marine ecosystem has grappled increasingly with environmental challenges that demand urgent attention. From pollution and overfishing to the looming specter of climate change, the delicate balance of the Baltic Sea is under threat. We recognize the immediacy of these challenges and are committed to doing our share. Instead of buying material gifts and sending them to our clients and other stakeholders, we have donated to the Baltic Ecoregion Programmeopens-in-a-new-tab by WWF.

Donation to Baltic Sea approval card
The Baltic ringed seal is even more endangered than its relative, the Saimaa ringed seal. At the moment, the number of Baltic ringed seals is only around 200 hundred individuals.

Also, internally, our theme for this Winter season’s celebrations revolves around water and its diverse forms’ inherent beauty — from the seas’ breathtaking power to the delicate intricacy of frost flowers and the mathematically mesmerizing patterns of snowflakes. We see these elements as nature’s own artistry, each unique yet governed by the same captivating logic — and not only as art but as something vital for us humans and this planet.

With these nature-appreciating greetings, we extend a challenge to all: seek and find the beauty in the water, whether it’s the immense and powerful sea, the fragile frost flowers, or the intricacies of snowflakes.

As we reflect on the year, we express our heartfelt gratitude for the collaborative milestones achieved together. Looking ahead to 2024, we eagerly anticipate another year of successful collaboration,  shared achievements, and making greener choices whenever possible.

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