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Published: 30.3.2020
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Wundercon outdoor cycling by the sea

Last year 29 of our Wunderers in Latvia accepted the WunderFitness challenge 2019 to count every kilometer they walked, run, cycled, or spent on doing other activities. Now turning these activities into a donation.

We at Wunder believe that healthy people are happy people. Therefore we encourage our Wunderers to be active and to stay active no matter the circumstances. We even dare to challenge them all year long, but later on, we celebrate the excellent results by donating for a significant cause.

Last year 29 of our Wunderers in Latvia accepted the WunderFitness challenge 2019 in Endomondoopens in a new tab and counted every kilometer they walked, ran, cycled, or spent on doing other activities. Altogether they were active for nearly five months in a row, burned two million calories, and beat 20237 kilometers. Each kilometer equals 0.02 EUR, which makes 404.74 EUR in total. Recently this money was donated for the cause chosen by the Top 3 most active Wunderers taking part in the challenge.

WunderFitness challenge 2019 in numbers






Spent on Being Active

This time the donation went to the charity foundation BE OPENopens in a new tab to support Roberts Jurkaopens in a new tab(different website, new window) – a young and bright 10th grader with a definite life goal in his mind. Roberts was diagnosed with a cerebral stroke at the age of one. Still, despite the doctor’s prognosis that he will never walk and talk, he not only speaks and can move around independently, he also shows good study results and dreams on a career as a sports journalist. Our donation has been diverted to support the long and complicated rehabilitation process after the muscle extension surgery Roberts had in January 2020.

By sending our best wishes to Robert’s recovery, we continue to encourage people to stay active but not less important, staying responsible and supportive. Change your regular running trail to someplace further away from the crowd, choose a least busy time of a day to do your activity or exercise together with your favorite trainer from YouTube without even leaving your home. That’s what we at Wunder are doing, so next year we have even more kilometers to turn into a donation.

P.S. In 2018 we gathered 16935 kilometers and donated 338.70 EUR to movement PLECSopens in a new tab that works to give a family to every child in Latvia.

WunderFitness participants Latvia
Greetings from WunderFitness heroes of 2019 🙂

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