The Importance of Mind-Body Connection: Key Takeaways from the MOVE Webinar

Published: 23.5.2023
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Move webinar takeaways

Last spring Wunder had the honor to host Wunder Wellbeing Webinars on mental health matters. In this article, we have gathered the key takeaways and ideas from the MOVE webinar, led by Aleksi Litovaara, that focuses on the mind and body connection and the importance of movement in our lives. So get ready to first read, act and feel the positive vibes of moving your mind and body!

The business coach and former pro-athlete Aleksi Litovaaraopens in a new tab (different website, new window) began his presentation with a personal story about the 1998 Nagano Olympics, where snowboarding was introduced as a discipline for the first time. As Finns were considered among the top snowboarders in the world, the expectation was high, yet in the end, they did not win any medals. Litovaara noted that the snowboarders’ approach to movement is different from that of traditional athletes – they see movement as an opportunity for fun and enjoyment rather than just a fierce competition between the people participating. Therefore, after the competition, instead of whining about unachieved goals, they decided to go to a karaoke bar and have fun.

Drawing inspiration from the joy and freedom of snowboarding, in the webinar, Litovaara explored the role of movement in enhancing our quality of life, improving physical and cognitive performance, and even promoting better mental health. Attendees of our Wunder webinar were encouraged to explore the connection between their mind and body through a range of exercises, including an imagination exercise to visualize their joyful movement in the future, a breathing exercise to promote relaxation, Asahi health movement, and a free movement exercise to encourage physical expression. These exercises emphasized the importance of being present in our bodies and listening to our physical needs and desires.

“Movement is not just about physical fitness but about embracing the joy of movement and connecting with our bodies in a way that promotes overall health and wellbeing.”

Aleksi Litovaara, Business Coach and Mindfulness Instructor

Ultimately, the webinar reinforced the idea that movement is not just about physical fitness but about embracing the joy of movement and connecting with our bodies in a way that promotes overall health and wellbeing. Litovaara outlined the reasons why we should keep moving, including improving the quality of life, maintaining physical and cognitive abilities, preventing chronic diseases, and reducing stress. He emphasized that cardiovascular health and healthy life expectancy also are two significant benefits of movement. Additionally, movement can increase self-esteem and positively impact mental health.

Litovaara concluded the webinar by highlighting three things he himself finds the most important about movement:

  1. Having fun,
  2. Learning something new,
  3. Doing it with friends and family.2

He encouraged participants to consider where they wanted to be today, next week, next month, and in six months. He reminded them to focus on the joy of movement, presence in their bodies, and motivation to move. Litovaara emphasized that nature is the best place to move and recommended taking music along if it helps.

In summary, the MOVE webinar was a powerful reminder of the importance of connecting the mind and body and the transformative impact that movement can have on our lives. By prioritizing movement, embracing the joy of physical expression, and cultivating a deeper awareness of our bodies, we can enhance our quality of life, improve our physical and cognitive performance, and promote better mental health.

ChatGPT was our digital co-editor for this article.

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