Wunder got an Honorary Mention at the Blue Arrow Awards – for 100/100 accessibility

Certificate of the Blue Arrow Awards 2020 Honorary Mention for -site that is 100/100 accesible.

Wunder received an Honorary Mention at the Blue Arrow Awards 2020 with -site. Blue Arrow Awards is a competition for digital services that matter – whether it’s business results, user experience, innovation, international breakthrough, or societal influence.

“This (Traficom site) is a living proof that there is a way to make your site 100% accessible. This was a project, where the judge saw, that there were many different parties working with the project, and the end result is rather simple website, with really great accessibility. And that is actually something that is very hard to achieve.” – Blue Arrow Awards 2020

Did we plan to win the honorary mention on the same week as the Global Accessibility Awareness Day is?? Of course we did not.

But did we do and also plan to do everything in the future in an as accessible manner as possible? 100/100 Yes for that!

See the whole Blue Arrow Awards Ceremony, our mention is at 1:37:14 onwards.

We are celebrating the Global Accessibility Awareness this whole week, so stay tuned, follow us our social media accounts and get the valuable insights.

Let’s continue the awesome work with accessibility and make the digital belong to everyone!